Artists Statement

 I would describe my work as pieces resembling ancient artifacts you would find buried and excavated from a long lost civilization.
My tiles and crosses are carved with primitive lines and shapes.  Most of them are embellished with an ancient Symbol that embodies a spiritual message of love,  peace or a blessing.
My abstract fragments of the human form are reminders of how fragile life can be.  The lines carved into these shapes are the lines that represent the human psyche, like the rings in a hundred year old tree.  These lines mimic moments of time and act as a conduit for the free flowing energy of the human spirit.
My sculptures of the female shape are delicate and sexually provocative yet exude a confident warrior like awareness that sums of the modern day Goddess.
My medallions, often referred to as peace or wish stones, were created for people, including myself, who are looking for guidance in life’s journey or are in need of spiritual grounding.

My inspiration comes from the ancient works of art by the Mayans, Egyptians and Celtics.  All my work is individually hand carved, without the use of molds, models or sketches.  I often joke that it’s great therapy!
      I encourage people to touch my work and feel the energy it evokes and conducts through each intrinsically carved shape and line.  If it brings on an emotion, such as joy, peace or even anger, I feel I’ve done my job as an artist.

Paula Fusco – May 12, 2008